The 21st Century University
Change 11 MOOC
Drs. Valerie Irvine and Jillianne Code


In this session, we will discuss issues facing brick and mortar universities in the current global context of post-secondary education. The economic situation facing most universities is one of diminishing funds through cutbacks, increasing competition both locally and globally as a result of the increasing number of post-secondary institutions (specifically colleges and online universities) and the growing prevalence of online programs. We are also dealing with a natural demographic phenomenon whereby the number of people aged 18-22 are smaller than in previous boom eras. What can brick and mortar Universities do to adapt, innovate, remain both competitive and relevant in this situation? In essence, become part of the 21st century? We will discuss the issues universities face and how they can meet the demands of students for flexibility. We also will propose a solution which is being piloted today at the University of Victoria through a new delivery method we have termed multi-access learning. Through modification of our registration system, we will be able to let the learner choose the delivery method they want for course enrollment. We will demonstrate a live multi-access session this week.

Drs. Valerie Irvine and Jillianne Code are professors of Educational Technology and Co-Directors of the Technology Integration and Evaluation (TIE) Research Lab at the University of Victoria.

Critical and Reflective Questions for Your Blog

You’re a learner... you may currently be a student enrolled in a face-to-face university... you may be a student enrolled in an online program/university... you may be a lifelong learner doing this because of its open format... What do YOU think about this idea? Have you ever been affected by having to take a course or program in a delivery method you did not want? Would it affect your choices in where you did your learning if you could access the programs or courses you wanted at brick and mortar universities that may have been inaccessible because of geography and face-to-face learning delivery mode? How do you feel about having the CHOICE in YOUR control to learn from the universities you wanted to learn from and the professors you wanted to learn from? NOT to be limited to those who agreed to meet you in your required delivery format?

Archives of Live Events & Social Media Deets

Two live sessions occurred in Week 16 of Change11:

  • Wednesday, January 11. You have two choices:
    • watch the recording in Collaborate HEREor
    • watch the capture in YouTube HERE.

  • Friday, January 13. You have two choices:
    • watch the recording in Collaborate HERE
    • watch the capture in YouTube HERE
    • See the angle of us via video of us in our room and content using AMMS (note you will not hear the audio from Collaborate as we had headsets on, but you can get the idea of room capture and content capture). Part 1 and Part 2. I wouldn't recommend watching the whole thing, but rather to stay with watching the Collaborate or Youtube recordings, but you can visit these links to see what the interface looks like and how it plays for you. We are trying to move over to our ipad skin so this session unfortunately isn't capable of ipad viewing. Next time! :-)
    • Check out a pic HEREof AMMS interface with video on left (showing Blue Jeans Network session) and content on right (showing the Collaborate session). Not that we'd do that regularly, but just playing with the boundaries of seeing what's possible for bringing people together via the way they are able to join.
      • Blue Jeans: max 25 participants, no recording, allows content (screen) sharing but you give up video to see that, allows for VC units, skype, and telephone to all merge. Note they are working on increasing maximum participants HERE and recording features in R&D. Sample pic HEREof a blue jeans session mixing VC unit and skype participants.
      • Polycom's Accordent Media Mgmt System: cap determined by infrastructure (150,000 by Intel once), video from capture station, content is synched and you can watch both video and content at the same time, reporting and stats feature, Q&A feature when live, can swap video and conten or pop each out. Ability to view on ipads. Watch the capture in YouTube Here.

Twitter accounts and hashtags that we use which you maybe be interested in:
  • Dr. Valerie Irvine: @_valeriei
  • Dr. Jillianne Code: @jilliannec
  • TIE Research Lab: @tielab
  • Hash tags: #change11 #tielab


  • Dr. Valerie Irvine on skype: swirvine
  • Dr. Jillianne Code on skype: jilliannec

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